Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wellington's Cuba Quarter - Cam Theme - 58

If you are in Downtown Wellington - there are four distinct areas of the city to explore:

- The Lambton Quarter
- The Courtenay Quarter
- The Waterfront

and of course
- The Cuba Quarter

Cuba Street has a funky bohemian vibe to it - full of creativity.

bucket fountain, Cuba Mall, Wellington
bucket fountain Cuba Mall Wellington

Most of the buildings are quite old and in desperate need of earthquake strengthening, but that is what gives this part of the city its 'edge'.

Having asked some friends to tell me their first thought when I mentioned Cuba quarter - the bucket fountain was the outright winner. The moving bucket fountain is a popular kinetic sculpture in Cuba Street. The buckets/scoops fill with water until they are heavy enough to tip over and create a chain reaction by filling the buckets below – in a constant cycle of motion and splashing - don't get wet...

bucket fountain, Cuba Mall, Wellington
bucket fountain

So here are a few of my photos from a walk up and down Cuba Street in downtown Wellington...

There are 11 photo sets in this "CAM" series and one guest photo.

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