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Candid Black & White Photos of People - Cam Theme - 54

I was recently inspired by a You Tube video I saw of black and white photographs set to music - and wondered how some candid practice shots of mine would look on this blog.

Candid photography needs to be done quickly, so you can capture that moment which drew you to it in the first place. This often means that 'technique' plays second fiddle to 'impulse'.

One thing I've learnt when taking candid photos is: set your ISO to 400 - the photos wont be so blurred when you raise your camera in a hurry to get that all important shot.
Don't have the ability to set your camera to 400? No problem, just choose High ISO instead.
If you don't like the results, change it back to what suits. Give it a go though and see what happens...

Oh, and try not to have your flash on when you are taking candid photos of people.
Giving a friendly smile (to the unsuspecting subject should they realise they indeed ARE the subject) can often be helpful too.

There are 11 photo sets in this "CAM" series and one guest photo.
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I'm looking at her,

looking at the artwork

on the gallery wall -

wondering what

she is making of it all.

In Wakefield, at the memorial, I saw this couple deep in conversation. I was far enough away not to be an eavesdropper, so used the lens to bring them closer.

I like this pic because it makes me think...

I just like this one of a couple walking hand in hand with their dog on the beach.
(Ok, their dog isn't walking hand in hand with them - but you know what I mean... :-)

It is a cropped photo, so the focus stays where I want it to.

On a tour of Singapore, we visited a Mosque.

This scene lends itself perfectly for a black and white photo.

Whilst it could be considered intrusive, it definitely isn't invasive.

The beach is another public arena where it's ok to walk around with a camera without being considered 'weird'.

We noticed this kid being a little water-wary, but soon gaining confidence from the wisdom of its grandparent.

Another fortuitous candid shot...
- and far too many unintentional "w's" in the wording of this post :-)

I am a frequent flyer, but haven't forked out for one of those cosy airport lounge subscriptions.
It's far more interesting to 'hover with the masses' - especially with my camera.

Too engrossed in their techno-world, this couple didn't even notice me taking their photo.
I just hope they don't mind me posting it here...

Oriental Parade - the waterfront in Wellington...

My wife and I were sitting on the bench eating icecream, looking out over the harbour towards the city. (yes, we do actually get some lovely days in Wellington - despite some visitors to our fair city noticing the wind).

If it hadn't been for the seagull flying in to see if it could get a scrap of our 'food', I probably wouldn't have seen the lady next door as a photo-opportunity...

Sometimes it's nice to be the front seat passenger with a camera in hand for a change - as opposed to the driver with a camera in hand!

We pulled up to the traffic lights (thankfully red) so I could quickly take this candid photo. The lady was so engrossed in her book she didn't even notice. But I was ready to give her a BIG smile if she did happen to look up and see me taking her photo.

What's a man to do when his wife has found a curio shop full of goodies to peruse?
I left her in the shop and waited in the courtyard. Then I saw this guy...

Was he a non-shopping bored husband, the shop owner, just a people watcher, or a deep thinker?

That's what makes it interesting to me.

A busker is usually always keen to be photographed (just make sure you add a few more coins to the donation) and thank them.

While this guitar playing person is the focus of the picture, the lights of the subway walls draw the eye to the end - leaving one wondering what lies beyond. Well, at least it does in my mind...

This photo was over with in a matter of seconds. I saw him in the subway tunnel, raised my camera, grinned, he nodded  "yes" (or at least, I think that's what he meant), I took the photo, emptied the coins of my wallet into his guitar-case as I said "thank you", then carried on walking.

Perhaps it was rude not to stop and enjoy his music for a bit...

What better way to end off this Cam Theme with something totally the opposite...

This one was taken by Ray Theron from Australia who's photo's inspired THIS blog - but the vivid colour of the phone booth was captured when he was in São Paulo, Brazil, last year.
Check out Ray's site for more stunning photos from around the world.

Guest Photo: Ray Theron

                                                                                                   ... :GUEST PHOTO
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