Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scenes from the town of Picton - Cam Theme - 29

Pictures from Picton -
The "Inter-Island-Ferry-town" at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound, south island, New Zealand.

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Picton Harbour in the late afternoon.
The best time to walk the foreshore and enjoy the scenery.

Picton - Old and new - side by side

of monuments and memorials - "to the glorious dead 1914-1918"
this is at the entrance to the steps down to the Picton waterfront.

of monuments and memorials - "peace perfect peace"
this is looking back up to the entrance steps down to the Picton waterfront.

Palm trees at the Picton foreshore
Late afternoon shadows - so this is looking northwards

Picton harbour view

The main street in Picton looking south - well, the main street is called High Street

High Street - the main street in Picton - looking north

The InterIsland ferry - the Aratere coming in to berth at the Picton foreshore

Picton foreshore - at the end of the day
The Aratere InterIsland ferry awaiting it's passengers for the Picton-Wellington crossing.


This is: "Embacing Light" by Mads Jespersen -
which also won 'picture of the week' at
Mads has some very interesting photography to view.
Thanks for sharing your work Mads.
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