Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wellington City, "coolest little capital in the world" - Cam Theme - 55

Wellington has been named the " coolest little capital in the world" by travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.
It has also ranked Wellington as the 4th top city in the world to visit in 2011. 

This panorama shot of Wellington city is a stitched photo of three and cropped. 
You'll have to click on it if you want to appreciate it in a larger view

Welling city panorama - morning light
Welling city panorama - morning light

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this is a view across the Bay from Oriental Parade where the glass facades reflect early morning sunlight on the city and water.

I only noticed the rowers gliding over the reflection in the water (on the right hand side of the photo) when looking at it on my screen

From Oriental Bay looking over towards the northern end of Wellington city - focusing on the port entrance next to the Westpac Stadium reflecting early morning light.

The three gantry cranes a prominent feature...

Having driven into the city to collect my mail, this is an early morning view of downtown Wellington on Customhouse Quay

This is a view of part of the "coolest little Capital city in the world" from the Planetarium side of the Botanical Gardens, over the city of Wellington and Oriental Bay to the vista of the Orongorongo and Tararua mountain ranges.

The dark building on the far right is the second tallest building in Wellington

This is a view of Bolton street, Wellington after leaving the Botanic Gardens from the rose garden side.

The bridge in the foreground is one of many that cross over the central city motorway.

At the bottom of Bolton street it joins The Terrace.

Where once there were more than 10 000 acres of sky to view, the developments of a growing city now shows part of the new Inland Revenue Department (IRD) building

Lambton Quay is the heart of Wellington city's business district in the "coolest little Capital city in the world".

Lambton quay is where you would take the famous Wellington cable car up to the Botanic Gardens

The new Supreme Court building was built beside and expanded into the old High court building on Molesworth street.
Prince William formally opened this building on 18 January 2010

I was on a car park rooftop at The Terrace, looking down on Lambton Quay when the colours of these neon art windows caught my eye.

This is a ten-panel neon 'sculpture' by Paul Hartigan entitled, "Whipping the Wind". You'll find it on the corner of Ballance Street where it meets Lambton Quay. Part of the Supreme Court building can be seen just to the left of this pic.

At the end of the day in Wellington, nothing beats a stroll along Oriental Parade on a balmy evening.

This photo shows the lights of the Fisherman's Table restaurant reflected in the waters of the Bay.

On my earlier Cam Theme of Candid Black and White Photos of People, Yvonne sent me some pics that reminded her of some candid photos she had taken. I couldn't decide which ones I liked best so decided to put up two  pics she sent me, since I like them both.


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