Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wellington City, "coolest little capital in the world" - Cam Theme - 55

Wellington has been named the " coolest little capital in the world" by travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.
It has also ranked Wellington as the 4th top city in the world to visit in 2011. 

This panorama shot of Wellington city is a stitched photo of three and cropped. 
You'll have to click on it if you want to appreciate it in a larger view

Welling city panorama - morning light
Welling city panorama - morning light

There are 11 photo sets in this "CAM" series and one guest photo.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

Baruch said...

Happy 2011 Pete!

Callie said...

I can dig it Pete!!!!


jane said...

Great shot, looks good large. I like the yellow glow, very nice :)

Peter said...

Hi Jane - thanks for stopping by. The yellow glow was fortuitous timing. I don't do many panoramic shots - too much putting together and not often I'm 'moved' to capture it all but I think I have enough to set up a whole 11-pic cam theme just for panoramas. Yeah, it'll be good to catch up again and talk photos. Have a great weekend.

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