Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wellington Waterfront - Cam Theme 33

It was a cloudy day, but still we had a good time walking the waterfront on the city side of Wellington - taking photo's of course...

The picture below shows the TSB Bank Arena entrance flanked by the many (well secured) sails.

To many Wellingtonians, it's still called the Convention Centre.

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Wellington waterfront - Shed 5 Restaurant & Bar

Wellington waterfront - Shed 11 on wide angle

Wellington waterfront - Oriental Bay

a Qantas 737 decending in to land at Wellington airport through the mist.

Wellington waterfront - Abstract building

this is the back end (other side) of the Meridian Energy building.

Wellington waterfront - kayaks
another wide angled shot to add some colour to the 'dull' sky of the day
These ones are from Fergs Kayaks. I took a number of photos of kayaks that day, but this one stands out the most.

Wellington waterfront - Fruits of the forest - sculpture by by Paul Dibble
May I mention that the light orbs are not part of this sculpture...
the lack of blue sky and sunshine at Wellington's waterfront this day allowed for an interesting backdrop to this pic...
I'm going back on a sunny afternoon to take more photos of this sculpture for comparison of how it will look on a sky-blue background.

Wellington waterfront - Frank Kitts Park was one of the first areas of the waterfront to be developed in the late 1980's.
This photo is looking towards the high rises of Wellington city

Wellington waterfront - anchor me
couldn't resist taking this one...
another wide angled shot

Wellington waterfront - NZ Academy of Fine Art
I liked the "oldness" of this building amoungst the ever changing Wellington skyline.
this one was taken in wide angle

Wellington waterfront - abstract
I like the reflection, wood and concrete mix.
this one was taken on wide angle...

Lilac Orchid
by Pedro Lomba of Portugal
another one of Pedro's stunning shots...

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