Monday, March 09, 2009

the town of McGregor - Cam Theme - 43

A gem of a place in the Cape of South Africa - the town of McGregor.

This is a photo of the Cape Dutch gable of the municipality building - The Visitor Centre.

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The visitors centre in 'downtown' McGregor

diagonally opposite the church

How's this for an art gallery?

It is South African artist, Edna Fourie's gallery - on the main road of McGregor

If you're looking for a place to stay in McGregor, then I highly recommend you call this number...

Or check out the web site of CAPE COTTAGES McGREGOR

for more information on accommodation options and links to information about the town

The uniqueness of the town that is McGregor -

Cape Dutch houses abound...

This interesting cottage caught my eye, not just for the nice garden, but because of it's colour.

Most Cape Dutch buildings are traditionally all painted white.

the local "wildlife" - guineafowl, or ( 'tarentaal' as referred to by the locals) -
roaming the back streets of McGregor towards the end of the day.

It's fascinating to watch them scurry about...

and they look interesting with their white-spotted black feathers, blue necks and red crests

One of those quirky shots I enjoyed taking.

This is a guineafowl sculpture made from beads outside the shop called Malmani - and of course, the church, which is an ever present sight from most places in McGregor town...

Driving back to McGregor from the road that leads to nowhere, I stopped to take this pic

Walking along the north-west fringe of the town of McGregor at sundown, this is a view I thought well to capture.

Cape Dutch building and Aloe.

Something about it caught my eye...

This was a "weird" and interesting find...

The Temore temple at Temenos in McGregor.
If you get a chance to visit and ask permission to wander the gardens in silence, you will be greeting with an "interesting" experience on exiting this 'temple' after a few minutes inside.

It has to be experienced to be believed...
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