Thursday, July 12, 2007

Top of the South: Nelson to Picton to Blenheim - Cam Theme - 24

This theme shows views from a recent business trip to Nelson, Blenheim and Picton.
For those blog viewers "un-geographed" about New Zealand, these cities and towns are located at the top of the south island.
Time was a crucial factor, but the views I did managed to capture for this PETE'S CAM theme were fortuitous... Enjoy

As usual,

There are 11 pics in this week's "CAM".
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Panorama - on the road from Blenheim to Nelson.
In fact, this is 3 kilometers from Havelock.
Two photo's joined together and cropped to impart the full effect.
Doesn't look like winter at all...

Me thinks there is a painting that will result from this...

Mapua wharf - have water - see ripples - will photograph...

Mapua - you'll find this coastal village on the road between Motueka and Nelson. The estuary is the largest in the south island and in winter is a resting ground for white herons...

North west of Nelson on the drive to the south island's west coast is the small settlement of Wakefield. I could devote a whole CAM theme on this place alone - but this sculpture appealed the most.
Great old buildings great rural views and it seems steeped in interesting history...

Wakefield Rural - I still can't fathom what it is about this pic that appeals to me...

from the Nelson shoreline this is the wintery scene that caught my eye after the wet and stormy days before...

House of the elements
On the road btween Mapua and Richmond on State highway 6 - this is a view that amazed me. I was going to keep it for another cam theme called "Dillapidated Houses" but it's too nice to be kept on disc until that theme happens...

I also have found it on Google Earth, but am not sure how to place a link to it from this post.
Anyway, here are the co-ordinates:

latitude: 41°19'25.00"S
longitude: 173° 8'31.84"E


Frosty start to the day from my motel in Picton... The Bay Vista Motel at Waikawa.
Great service and an amazing view.

during the night it was minus 3 degrees celcius and this was the result.

Waikawa - Picton

Rural Blenheim and vineyard with snow capped mountains - yes winter is here...

Ending off this Cam theme with a two photo stitch - Blenheim Panorama.

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