Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wellington Harbour on board the Aratere - Cam Theme - 27

Having recently taken the inter-island passenger ferry (Aratere) from Wellington in the north island - over the Cook Strait - to Picton in the south island - these are some views of Wellington harbour from that trip.
The pic below was taken from my vantage point - looking west - before leaving dock.
I had to make sure that the doors were in place and tightly sealed before my comfort level could be acceptable...

on board Aratere in Wellington
on board Aratere in Wellington

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Doing a 180 degree turn from the first photo, this was the view towards the east and south of Wellington harbour
I wasn't impressed with the fact that access to many good photo taking spots was denied - in the form of cordoned off areas.
This is as far I could go on this ferry...

saying farewell to 'terra firma'

Snapshot view of Wellington city...
The cranes look like two gargantuan giraffe guarding the city.

More inter island ferries...
Middle one is Bluebridge - I have yet to travel on her.
The Westpac Stadium (otherwise known as The Cake Tin) can be seen in the background near the water edge.
The stadium was opened in 2000 and was built on disused railway land.
Whilst rugby is the main income earner for the stadium it is also used for trade fares, cricket matches and the occasional international music act.
Having left dockside and turning towards the harbour entrance, I was captivated by this closer view of Mount Victoria and Oriental Bay at its base.

Shadows, Light, Shapes, Colour...
Not the greatest of on board photos but I like it

It was a cloudless day, so when a shadow befell my forehead - I took full use of the opportunity.

A reassuring site for me...
Once my confidence in the mechanisms of the life rafts was ingrained, I was free to admire the negative shapes for a good photo op.
Heading out towards Cook Strait - this shows the western hills of Wellington with Somes Island in the centre. Note the cattle beasts in the truck...

Having cleared the harbour heads we're out on Cook Strait and slicing through the water towards Picton - this will be showcased next time on Cam Theme 28.


This one from Portobello - near Dunedin, New Zealand.
Many thanks to KelvinNZ for the use of the photo...

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