Sunday, March 23, 2008 - Cam Theme 32

Blenheim airport
Blenheim airport

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Trying to take photos whilst taking off in an aircraft is a challenge.
NZ air force planes, Skyhawk fighter jets (top left of this pic) sit forlornly in their white coverings at Blenheim airport awaiting a final decision.

aerial image wellington airport

An interesting view of
Wellington airport and the runway
Lyall Bay (right)
and the Miramar Peninsula

If you want to see more aerial views, click on the "aerial image" label below this post
Aerial view of the Westpac Stadium, Wellington - difficult to photograph when there's turbulence

aerial view of Wellington city

aerial view of "The Beehive"
and Wellington parliament buildings (centre right)

aerial images wellington airport

aerial view of the runway at Wellington airport
Mount Victoria in the foreground

aerial view of Oriental Bay -
the fountain can be seen just off shore at Oriental Parade on the left hand side.

I was happy to get these aerial shots from the last air2there flight I'll be taking for a long while - thanks to their sad ground service...

aerial images wellington airport

coming in to land at Wellington airport from the north.

on the runway at Wellington airport

Qantas on right hand side on the left's Piper PA-31-350
info courtesy of Rodney


This is from the town centre of Albufeira in Portugal.
Taken by Pedro Lomba on New Year's eve.
I still have to master the art of night photography, so am always amazed when I come across pic's such as this.

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