Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Queen Victoria, Maiden World Voyage - Cam Theme 31

Cunard’s new ocean liner, Queen Victoria set sail from Southampton on Tuesday 11 December 2007 on her maiden voyage.

The Queen Victoria maiden world voyage included Wellington, New Zealand on 17 February 2008. At 294m long, she is an impressive ship.

Driving on the motorway we were amazed at the sight of her sheer size - so naturally, some of the photos we took that day appear here.

My lovely wife had to endure my rants to get a good picture whilst sticking her head out of the window with the camera in hand - at 90km's ph... There were a few shots taken but this one is the best of that bunch.

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The inter island ferry is dwarfed by the majestic Queen Victoria - docked at Wellington.
Some of the passengers must have wondered what they had struck coming in to berth beside a container port opposite the famous Westpac stadium.

I stopped the car on the motorway (there is a side edge so no accidents could happen) to take this photo.
Queen Victoria cruise ship, Arahura and Kaitaki inter island ferries.
Trucks and other vehicles wait to board for the sailing to Picton.
In the distance is Oriental Parade and Mount Victoria.

looks like the warehouse is roofed by a ship

I like this one the best -
the ship takes up all four lanes of the Quay into and out of Wellington

It's late, I'm tired and multitasking - publishing this blog in reverse, so yes, this is a double up, but a far better view than the one below...?

I found this shot interesting, because the stadium can be seen on the left and just across the road, a ship is 'parked'...

middle to rear
I'm sure there's a nautical name for it so someone please leave a comment

I'm sure there's a nautical name for it so someone please leave a comment

Yhup, definitely got life rafts...

Towering above one of the warehouses on the warf

This is from the town centre of Albufeira in Portugal.

Taken by Pedro Lomba on New Year's eve.

I still have to master the art of night photography, so am always amazed when I come across pic's such as this.

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