Saturday, September 16, 2006

Carlucci Land, Happy Valley Road, Wellington - Cam Theme - 7

Carlucci Land is the inspiration of Carl Gifford, Wellington sculptor and artist.
He started with placing rocks around his property near Owhiro Bay. The metal sculptures that followed, complimented the "dinosaur rockery"...
I happened to chance upon this quirky land when driving past the Happy Valley rubbish tip.
It was a difficult choice for this week's cam since I would have liked to put all the photos here...

There are 11 photos on the "cam" this week. Click on the photo to view a larger image.

Next update will be 24 September.

Got an axe to grind - stone and iron sculpture - Carlucci Land

Gyroscopic Gymnastics - Carlucci Land

Iron Kiwis at Carlucci Land - Happy Valley Road, Wellington, New Zealand

the hobbit door - Carlucci Land

"It's a dog Jim but not as we know it..." - Anatomically correct, Carlucci Land

The Kiwi and the Weta (Parkmore prawn) - or is it a spider?... Carlucci Land

scrap metal sculpture - Carlucci Land

"don't have a cow man!"... Carlucci Land

upside down - Carlucci Land. Even a dead tree can be made into art. I only noticed the iron figurines on the grass in the foreground after the photo was taken

stone sculptures - Carlucci Land - Happy Valley Road, Wellington, New Zealand

Stone Sculpture - Carlucci Land - Happy Valley Road, Wellington, New Zealand

Sunday, September 10, 2006

PETESCAM - This was inspired by Rayscam - a site worth visiting if you have the time... Here's a man who updates his site on a weekly basis (oh to be so diciplined...). Since I have many photos to share, I hope to be able to post new ones here regularly enough - and eventually share my pics on a weekly basis as well.

Eastbourne to Wellington City - Cam Theme - 6

We kept going from Eastbourne and drove to Oriental Parade to view the city at dusk.
Before we knew it, the light had faded, but it brought on the man made lights of the area.
This a collection of some of my favourites from that time.

Next week's cam will be from one of the landfill sites near Island Bay- but nothing you might expect...

Check the blog next sunday, 17 September for a truly quirky view

The Inter Islander - Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand

last rays of sunshine looking east towards Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand

Dusk from Oriental Parade towards Wellington City, New Zealand

Dusk - Wellington City - looking wsw from Oriental Parade.

Dusk - at Oriental Parade -Wellington, New Zealand

Dusk - from Oriental Parade towards north west Wellington, New Zealand

Motif on a manhole, Oriental Parade footpath, Wellington, New Zealand

pedestrian lights with seagull poo - Oriental Parade Wellington, New Zealand

reflections - Oriental Parade, Wellington, New Zealand

Night time reflections - Wellington harbour, New Zealand
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