Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quirky - Cam Theme - 47

These are "QUIRKY" images I've found on my travels and decided to share with you here.


This quirky Polar bear image is to be found on the way to the airport in the city of Nelson, south island, New Zealand.

The 10 degrees of an early autumn/fall morning was worth the U-turn to photograph.

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At the Birdwoods Gallery near Havelock North, New Zealand - are many sculptures of African animals. Plus some seriously good coffee if you have the time for a tea break.

This one of an owl caught between the tree trunks piqued my interest

Another one of those images I did a U-turn to capture

Why anyone would have a King Kong sculpture in their paddock, I don't know, but it's the best scarecrow I've seen for a while

This precariously parked car in Stellenbosch, South Africa was a Quirky view I couldn't resist sharing

I drove past this house in a rural area of New Zealand's south island and then did a U-turn to go back and photograph it.

Sometimes one meets the most interesting Quirky features on a road trip...

the significance of the cyclist on someone's roof is something I am still pondering...

let alone the single deck chair to the right of the cyclist.

Back up to the east coast of New zealand's north island is another Quirky letterbox I couldn't resist adding to my photo collection.

This one is from the Parkridge Stud near Havelock North - and what better way to receive one's mail than through a horse...

A drive in the country on Wellington's southern coast brought us to this Quirky ornament in Shirley's Coastal Garden.

A Quirky couple sitting on the bench outside the Visitor's Centre in Waipukurau, north island, New Zealand.

From a distance they looked like a real couple. It was only on closer inspection that the true quirkyness of it's creator brought a chuckle to my belly...

Probably not as much Quirky as ornamental

This I thought was a novel idea to use a bread basket as a lampshade - especially since it was in a bakery...
This one is from Rooiberg Winery near Robertson, South Africa...

A somewhat Quirky ornamental roof sculpture that caught my eye in McGregor - South Africa

Another Quirky letterbox...

buzzy-bee, quirky, letterbox
buzzy-bee quirky letterbox

This one is of the iconic New Zealand "Buzzy Bee" found outside an engineering works in rural New Zealand

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This is from my friend, Ray in Melbourne, Australia.

RAYSCAM was the inspiration for my own photoblog.

If you check out Ray's site, you can even vote on your favourite pic of the week...

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