Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Singapore at night - Cam Theme - 45

Pete'sCam still travels further afield than Wellington, New Zealand for a while.

Enjoy these pics from Singapore - all taken at dusk or at night time.

The photo below is of the Civilian War Memorial with the high rise buildings of Singapore's financial district flanking the river.

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Riverside Point at Clarke Quay on the Singapore river.

This is where many of the riverboat cruises begin...

Clarke Quay used to be the cenral hub of Singaporean trade. Today it has been converted to an array of eating houses, restaurants, shops, bars, cafés - et al.

Said by many to be one of Singapores "hottest night time spots".

The head of a lion, body of a fish, resting on a wave crest - Merlion sculpture.

Way back in 1964, this became the emblem for the Singapore Tourism Board.

And here are some more facts for you:
  • It is 8.6m high
  • made of cement fondue
  • weighs 70 tonnes

eating out in Singapore is an event all by itself.

Just walking around, there is an abundance of places to choose from - especially here at the riverside.

Given the current economic climate I was convinced that many of the food operators have specially trained people to "hard sell" the wandering tourists to eat at their establishments...
A friendly smile and a firm "No thank you" seemed to suffice -

Night time reflections on water in Singapore...

A vertical image of reflection on the Singapore River

This one appeals beacause of the light from the lanterns reflected off the boat, and the lights of the Cavenagh Bridge and Singapore Art Centre all combine...

Another view at night time - from Riverside Point

Apartments, malls, shopping, digning...

- and the ever present changing colours of light reflecting off the water

From yet another river boat cruise, this is The Fullerton Hotel overlooking the Singapore River, it used to be the General Post Office building and has since been transformed into a 5-star hotel.

This is the Marina Bay area of Singapore, where 2009 floating balls/orbs were put to the water before the New Year celebrations.
Locals took great delight in writing their new year wishes on them, and even more spectacular were the reflections on them from the incredible fireworks display...

The world's tallest ferris wheel - at a height of 169m is also visible

"The Central" - another photo from the river boat cruise...
Not to be confused with Central Mall, this is at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

It's a themed mall with over 600 shops on five levels.
On this waterfront view I captured the lights in blue reflecting on the water.
Different colours change intermittently as if by magic...

Full on activity in Singapore doesn't stop just because the sun goes down. In many of the ethnic quarters, one can find an abundance of markets and stalls to keep you occupied for ages.

Definitely worth the experience - even if to just 'people-watch'...

This is the Singapore Arts Centre (centre/middle of the pic) at night from the river boat

The 2009 reflective orbs in celebration of the new year can be seen at the waters edge

Pete's Cam Photography Tip:
When taking night scenes, you will get a steadier/crisper image if you find a solid surface to rest the camera on (I don't have a tripod, so have to make use of my surroundings...) - that way I eliminate blurred and fuzzy photos.

Another Photography Tip:
For night shots, (once you've got a sturdy base) is to take off the flash activation and press the self timer button.
That way, once you press the shutter button there will be a pause of a few seconds before the camera takes the pic.
If you are not holding the camera when the pic is taken, you further reduce the chances of any shaking in the resulting pic...

Hope this is of use to someone...
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