Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pear Tree Cottage - Cam Theme - 42

Pete'sCam goes a little further afield for a while...

The village of McGregor has been described as "the best preserved and most complete example of mid-nineteenth century townscape in the Cape Province".

It's also known as the town where "time stood still".

Pear Tree Cottage in McGregor, South Africa - part of CAPE COTTAGES McGREGOR was our special little find. Here are some photo's of it for you to enjoy.

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side view of the front entrance at Pear Tree Cottage

Nothing like a comfortable place to rest one's head after a 'busy' day of touring around the town and surrounding areas of McGregor

A great little bathroom... the shower is to the right

Looking from the inside out for a perspective view
under the grape-vined pergola for a shady spot to sit and enjoy a cold one
Adding a little quirkyness with one of the ornaments of Pear Tree Cottage on the wall of the BBQ area and back garden

Looking out from the BBQ area of Pear Tree Cottage onto the back lawn, garden and beyond

Pear Tree Cottage from the back garden.

The little wall under the grape vine pergola is the BBQ area
sitting peacefully at the table outside Pear Tree Cottage and enjoying the ambience of dappled light on summer willow.

This was an early morning view of surrounding fields and other cottages near Pear Tree Cottage in McGregor

Sunday, February 08, 2009


This one is with permission and from Murray Neil who's blog is called "Coffeewaffel" and can be found on the right hand side of my blog for the link.

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