Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Mish Mash"- Cam Theme - 30

Welcome to the first Theme of 2008.
A collection of photos that didn't quite make it into a specific theme...

Tongariro National Park - taken from the desert road. This photo shows Mt.Ngauruhoe

There are 11 photos in this week's "CAM" and one guest photo.
Click on the image for a larger view.
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Green - spring leading into summer

Havelock, south island

Quirky mail box.
I am building up a steady collection of quirky post boxes to give them their own CamTheme one of these weeks this year.

This sad looking tractor is slowly rusting away near Norsewood
I'm doing a series on this one to show during different seasons so it could take another 10 months before the final results can be published...

I was intrigued by these trees for some reason
- they seemed like they belonged to another place on America's west coast

picnic stop near Pahiatua in the Tararua district
I stopped to make a phone call and was otherwise captivated by the late afternoon sun

boats on the water of a misty early morning at Waikawa Bay, Picton
its becoming a favourite place of mine...

not always sunsets...
early morning light reflected off the hills with a semi-dramatic sky as a backdrop
this is the view from our deck

sunset Raroa
from our deck we get to see dramatic sunsets and weather -
sometimes I capture them with my camera...

This was from my "words and curves"series -
sculpture on Lambton Quay, Wellington


Straight from Andy's blog:

"This image is from Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site, where a far developed African civilisation prospered between 1000 and 1300 AD. The area was already inhabited by a growing Iron Age community from 500 AD and became rich through trade with faraway places like Egypt, India and China. This is the place where archeologists excavated the famous golden rhino and other evidence of a wealthy African kingdom. Go to www.mapungubwe.com to read more.It's a stunningly beautiful and fascinating place, with brilliant orange sandstone outcrops surrounded by a sea of green bush, with the occasional awe-inspiring baobab towering over the other tree. (In summer, that is.) The facilities of the park have been so well thought out that rather than intruding on nature, the camps, hides and walkways almost become a part of the surroundings. If you're needing a quiet, relaxing getaway, I'd highly recommend it! www.sanparks.org/parks/mapungubwe for info on accommodation.

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