Monday, March 15, 2010

Downtown Wellington and the Revolt of the Mannequins

Downtown Wellington and the Revolt of the Mannequins

The French street theatre company Royale de Luxe brought these mannequins to various shop windows of downtown Wellington. The stories unfolded daily - with differing scenes for each shop window over ten days. Unfortunately I just caught the last day of it, and show them here on my blog.
If you wish to see all my photos taken of the mannequins, click the "Revolt" label at the bottom of this post...

Some other "downtown"scenes precede the "revolt"...

The photo below depicts the sculpture: Protoplasm by Phil Price
Corner Hunter St & Lambton Quay

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downtown Wellington_braille sculpture

Anton Parsons's braille sculpture Invisible City

Brushed stainless steel sculpture on the corner of Lambton Quay and Grey Street - Wellington 

downtown Wellington_Cafe Pravda_Lenin sculpture

downtown Wellington_couple on a bench

downtown Wellington_Old Bank Arcade

233 - 237 Lambton Quay • Wellington

Revolt of the Mannequins_closing down sale

Revolt of the Mannequins_evil tale for other people's children

Revolt of the Mannequins_nightmare of the puddle

The 'puddle' is what is left of the woman's husband - his two eyes looking out at those viewing what's left of him...

Revolt of the Mannequins_positive test

Revolt of the Mannequins_The Comic Fire Brigade

Revolt of the Mannequins_the hunter

here in this final episode, the dog receives its freedom whilst the hunter becomes leashed by the vines...

Revolt of the Mannequins_the lovers
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