Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Light Effect - Series 2 - Cam Theme - 38

Part 2 -

This Cam theme is simply that, effect of light...

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south Wairarapa

this one was taken on wide angle

of vineyards and sunlight

driveway to Wairau valley, south island

late afternoon rural, I stopped to take this one

Monday, August 25, 2008

near Blenheim, south island

a winter sunset I HAD to capture.

It was far more intense than this, but my camera had run out of batteries. Lucky for me there was a rural store nearby so I could get a digital record.
Light Effect

on the eastern shore of Wellington harbour
not the greatest photo, but something about it appeals...

Light effect

another one from Lake Taupo - late afternoon in summer
the sparrow on the fence pole was very tame and chirpy

Light Effect

Sunshine through the mid-afternoon mist at Pahiatua, lower north island

Light Effect

a lone park bench at the end of the day in Taupo, north island

this one appeals, because the bench faces away from the lake and the sunset...

- Light Effect -

this is what happens when lamps get leighed...

- see previous Cam Theme for more info


Straight from Andy's blog:

"thistle - photographed for your viewing pleasure (ok, and my shooting pleasure!)"

this image copyright © Andy Nixon.

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