Monday, August 11, 2008

Light Effect - Cam Theme - 37 -

This Cam theme is simply that, effect of light...

Sunlight on landscapes after a storm
Light from lamps
Reflections off sculptures
reflections off water

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This photo is purely here to entertain my memories...
You know the drill:
sunlight = sunglasses
the open road
lively music playing at near full volume
singing along at same volume
not a care in the world
If you haven't done it yet, give it a go...

The trout sculpture at Lake Taupo (pronounced: toe-paw) in the central north island of New Zealand.
If I get the inclination or have the time, I'll be back with more info and links.
Otherwise, just Google it yourself...

On the road between Nelson and Blenheim - in the south island of New Zealand is where I stopped to take this pic
It's one of those pictures that just appeals to me - for no particular reason that I can find words to describe...

standing tall
standing defiant
against the elements

A favourite stop when I'm on a road trip - at the Polish children's war orphan memorial near Pahiatua
sunlight reflected off the last leaves of the season

my favourite so far of light effect on landscape

Nautilus Estate Winery, on the corner of State Highway 6 and Rapaura Rd, opened its new white wine winery, just beside its Cellar Door and Pinot Noir Winery, in time for the 2006 vintage. To mark the occasion, the winery asked sculptor Dale Hudson to craft a large nautilus shell for its entrance and the result has just been erected.
Mr Hudson, a Scot who lives in Wanganui, said it took him several months to complete the work. The finely detailed shell features more than a kilometre of stainless steel and copper wire and thousands of spot welds. Nautilus Estate sales and marketing manager Katy Ironside said many people had been stopping to take photos of the shell. "I'm sure it will turn up in photo albums around the world as a memory of their holiday in Marlborough," she said.
The Nautilus shell was interesting as it had what mathematicians called "divine proportions" and was an example of perfection in nature, he said. The art work is set in landscaped native gardens being developed around the winery site. SOURCE: By SONIA O'REGAN

Sun beams on water at Lake Taupo, central north island, New Zealand

Light on the landscape with dark clouds

The two lone trees in the foreground are called cabbage trees - indigenous to New Zealand

Now for something completely different, but still on the theme of light...

I couldn't choose which one I liked best - so have included both images for the one post...

I forgot the details of this "light sculpture" from a day out we had in Porirua, Wellington - so will be back to update the details later...

Something about light reflections on water always gets my attention...
This is from a lovely winter sunset on Wellington harbour...
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