Thursday, July 12, 2007

Top of the South: Nelson to Picton to Blenheim - Cam Theme - 24

This theme shows views from a recent business trip to Nelson, Blenheim and Picton.
For those blog viewers "un-geographed" about New Zealand, these cities and towns are located at the top of the south island.
Time was a crucial factor, but the views I did managed to capture for this PETE'S CAM theme were fortuitous... Enjoy

As usual,

There are 11 pics in this week's "CAM".
Click on the image for a larger view.
Previous posts can be viewed by clicking on the "Archives" section to the right.
If there is a particular suburb or Wellington icon you would like to see - it just may already be on my blog. Check the top right of this main page to search it out.

Feel free to comment on any image...


Pete said...

Hi peter great set of photos.
feel free to use it.
I am honoured

Peter said...

Thanks Pete - it should be up by next weekend - friday for you guys since we'll be in "the future" on saturday...
Take care

callie said...

Dude...are these real? I mean the scenery is breath taking..Simply stunning...

Man..I need a new job..LOL

lurve you and Lyn


Peter said...

Thanks Callie for your comment.
It is so much easier to take a nice photo when the subject matter presenting itself is inspirational - and in New Zealand - that's around every turn on the
Thanks for stopping by...

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