Sunday, February 10, 2013


This is a photo entitled

Hillbrow from 'Sonny boys shabeen'

Hillbrow from 'Sonny boys shabeen'

This from Leanne: 
This picture was taken in Dec 2012 in Hillbrow which is currently South Africa's most dangerous suburb.

I was in a 'Sonny boys shabeen', enjoying a cold black label quart. It was an interesting day...
It is cosmopolitan and I love the way this photo captures bits of it including the traders, shoppers, schoolgirls, police vans, revamped buildings, neglected buildings, smart cars, everyday cars, adverts for a 30 minute abortion, adverts for a prophet, the streets are littered with rubbish, but also leaves from the 100 year old trees. People, by day, seem to get on with their business, but its not somewhere you would walk the streets at night.


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