Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miyazu Japanese Garden - Cam Theme - 34

(Series 1 of 2)

Miyazu Garden - Nelson, south island, New Zealand

Miyazu Garden - located in the city of Nelson, south island, New Zealand
another Monet-ish view of lily pads

from the sign at the entrance to these wonderful gardens...
" MIYAZU GARDEN - Sister cities in friendship (Nelson, New Zealand and Miyazu, Japan)
Created on traditional Japanese garden design principles, Miyazu Garden is a symbol of natural beauty and of friendship.
It can offer a peaceful, sensory and contemplative experience".

There are 12 photos in this week's "CAM".
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Pete's Cam


ALTAMIRA said...

el jardín japones!

Peter said...

Hey Altamira - thanks for taking the time to comment.

chey said...

Great shot! Love the lily pads.

Peter said...

Hi Chey
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a footprint...
I'm glad you did, so as to give me the opportunity to see your blog. Stunning photos! A great reward to your patience no doubt...
Have fun hybidising.

Renee said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous. It is kind of like heaven on earth there. Living in a city I never get to see such tranquility.

Peter said...

thanks renee, glad you were able to be inspired as I was. Another set of photos from here will be updated soon.
You've a very interesting blog - lots to think about... Take care

Joanna said...

Hi Peter, Beautiful pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked what camera I use and I am embarrased to say cause I feel like its so old. Its a Sony DSC85. I have been reading up on the D-SLR's and hope to buy one soon. {fingers crossed}. Saving my pennies! My favorite pic here is the Miyazu Garden
after passing the Tea House Pavilion. The red tree on the right adds such a nice burst of color.

Peter said...

Hi Joanna

Thanks for coming back to answer my question.

It just goes to show that stunning photos can be taken with a keen eye and an 'average' camera. I was amazed at the clarity of your photo.
Yes, I have a hankering for the D-SLR's myself and am saving for the pennies to turn into pounds... :-)

KiDeN~H.D.3 said...

hye there..
how a beautiful blog!!
please bring your flag to our site.
just click
kiden best!


KiDeN~H.D.3 said...

thank you very much!!
have a nice day peter..

kiden best!

Peter said...

Hi Kiden

You're welcome, thanks for the visit from Sudan...

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