Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miyazu Garden - Nelson, south island, New Zealand

Miyazu Garden
after passing the Tea House Pavilion shed this is the view that greets you as you enter the garden

Photography Tip: When taking a vertical (portrait) shot, it's good to have something in the foreground that draws the eye into the photo...


Luciana said...

Peter, I choose this as my favourite, but have to say that they are all gorgeous.

Peter said...

Hey thanks Luciana for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated. I'm still tossing between the moon window and this one as my favourite...

Snigit Team said...

Peter, you've got some really amazing pictures here. I'd like to invite you to post one or two (or all of them for that matter) to

I'm the founder of and your images are wonderful examples of the type of quality photo's we are looking for at Snigit. In short, your pictures are Snigit-worthy and I'd like to invite you to share them with our readers.

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I look forward to seeing a post from you soon.


Tyler Youngblood

Peter said...

Thanks Tyler for your kind comments - much appreciated. I'd be honoured to submit a pic or few to Snigit.

Snigit Team said...

Hi Peter, thanks for posting to and supporting our site!

Your posts can be viewed here:
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I hope you intended to enter the photo contest (we need 10 contestants to kick it off, and you'd be #2). If so, please send me your info (including the email address you use for paypal payments) to snigit at gmail dot com.

Also, I am planning to add links back to your site in both posts. I assume that's ok.

Thanks again for supporting Snigit!


Peter said...

Thanks Tyler,

As we say here, "no worries mate..."
I've included a link back to you from here as well. If you don't like the way I've worded it, let me know... :-)

All the best with the site - I see a quite a few more have joined the Snigit contest.
Am hunting out my paypal info...


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