Monday, July 30, 2007

Views from my "office" - Cam Theme - 25

This theme shows views from my "office" - being on the road a lot of the time I'm fortunate to see the ever changing sights from both New Zealand's islands...
Before I get accused of driving recklessly, let me say that the views for this Cam Theme were either taken whilst the car was stopped (or taken by my wife whilst I was driving).

Composition (having to quickly 'point and shoot') and reflection of the windscreen sometimes doesn't make for good technical photos, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them...

There are 11 pics in this week's "CAM" - 10 from me and one guest photo.
Click on the image for a larger view.
Previous posts can be viewed by clicking on the "Archives" section to the right.
If there is a particular suburb or Wellington icon you would like to see - it just may already be on my blog. Check the top right of this main page to search it out.

Feel free to comment on any image...



Anonymous said...

Suuuureee... Tell us anything yo!

Lurve them Pete! Hi Lynn!!!


Peter said...

Hi Callie
Hope you're having a great week. Will pop over to the 'realm' to catch up on your interesting happenings. Thanks for the comment - glad you "lurve" them.
Have a great weekend
lol Pete & Lyn

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