Sunday, April 22, 2007

Havelock North - Valley panorama


Rasha said...

Peter peter am sorry i didnt visit u from a long long time i was super busy and i wasnt also writing n my blog i know i had to write you an email sorry am checking for you now with my new manager cause they change my old manager who already know about you and asked me if i know a good photographer so i hope i ll know something soon we still have time cause our new race season will start in novamber i hope ur good

you did a very nice work here i really liked it


Peter said...

Hi Rasha, many thanks for your comments.
It's OK, I know how busy life can get... Just as well November is a few months away as I'm still waiting for my new passport to arrive.
Hope your new manager is good to
Be well, and I'll be over to comment again your blog soon.

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