Saturday, October 07, 2006

Island Bay, Wellington - Cam Theme - 10

Island Bay is one of the southernmost suburbs of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.
It lies on the Cook Strait (the band of water between the north and south islands) - and is situated 7km south of the city centre.
Island Bay is settled on the bay which shares its name, one of numerous small bays that lie to the west of the large indentation of Lyall Bay.

There are 11 pics in this week's "CAM". Click on the image for a larger view. Previous posts can be viewed by clicking on the "Archives" section to the right. Once I figure out how to name the archive posts you will be able to see each specific post name rather than just dates...


chanit said...

I love your Blog, thank you ;)

Rachelle Black said...

Hi Pete :))
I like your pictures, my favorites are the reflective shots and, of course, the Hobbit Door!
Being a gigantic LOTR fan since I was a child, I was thrilled that they filmed in New Zealand.
I have many Kiwi friends, some day I hope to vist and see all the beautiful sights!
I love photography too, if I could choose a new profession, it would be that- even though I don't have a clue what I am doing!
Come and visit me:

Rachelle Black said...

oops, that should be
Techno neophyte here :))

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